The Embedded Cinema is a basic but very attractive video ad format that can be used in many placements and many variations. It is fully responsive and can optionally be used as expandable format.

  • The format can be delivered to all HTML5-capable browsers on desktop devices, tablets and mobile devices. Of course, a combination with an additional format is possible.
  • By default, the video starts automatically when loading the website. When using the Embedded Cinema as expandible format, the ad expands in the desired direction on mouseover events.
  • The embedded Cinema can be placed wherever desired. Please have a look at the examples.
  • Several settings are available. These include expandable yes/no, alignment and expanding direction, different controls, border styles, audio delays etc. For a complete settings list, please refer to the settings page.

Required source material/information

  • Video (at least 720p)
  • Alternative content (PNG, JPG)
  • Desired settings if different from default settings
  • Click-through URL if desired

Production time

  • Usually 2 working days. Depending on the actual placement, the production time can increase to 3 working days.