How does it work?

Select format

Have a look at our product suite and select one or a combination of formats. For example, you can combine a desktop format like a skyscraper or the Billboard Cinema with a mobile format. You'll find specifications and a description on the format detail pages. However, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions!

Choose settings

For any format, there is a range of settings that can be used to customize your outcome. Have a look at the settings page to get a feeling for all the opportinities. This is an optional step: Actually, you can also use one of our predefined styles that you find on this page, and well - that's it! No need to spend time on details if you are happy with the presets.

Get in touch

Now we want to know what you chose! Actually, we only need a download link for your video and your additional content, if you want to use any. After that, you can leave everything up to us - we'll build your creative within the production times that are stated on the detail pages.

That's it?

Yes, that's it. We'll take care of everything - encoding, hosting, delivering, targeting, reporting etc. You'll receive a tag that can be used by your publisher, marketer, intranet provider, or by whomever.

For further details, please contact our sales representatives at