The Portal Cinema is a video ad format designed for big appearances. As you can see in the different styles, it can be used for branding whole sites, for creating full page overlays when entering sites, for advanced scenarios like jazzing up search boxes and more.

  • The format can be delivered to all HTML5-capable browsers on desktop devices, tablets and a number of mobile browsers. Campaigns across multiple devices can be combined with a mobile format to extend the overall reach of a campaign.
  • The video starts automatically when loading the website.
  • Several settings are available. These include controls, element dimensions, playback speed, additional content etc. For a complete settings list, please refer to the settings page.

Required source material/information

  • Video (at least 720p)
  • Alternative content (PNG, JPG)
  • Desired settings if different from default settings
  • Click-through URL if desired

Production time

  • 2-5 working days, depending on the actual scenario. If the format is deeply integrated with the target platform, the production time increases.