The Double Zoom Sitebar is a very flexible ad format that attracts attention easily. The effect can be triggered by mouse movement or scrolling and creates stunning effects with any number of layers. It is fully responsive and can be customized with many parameters.

  • The format can be delivered to all HTML5-capable browsers on desktop devices and tablets. For mobile devices, we suggest to combine the format with a mobile format for campaigns across multiple devices.
  • The video can be set to start automatically or to start and pause on several events (e.g. hovering an element).
  • Several additional settings are available. These include behaviour, border styles, audio delays etc. For a complete settings list, please refer to the settings page.

Required source material/information

  • Video if desired (at least 720p)
  • Additional content (PNG, JPG)
  • Desired settings if different from default settings
  • Click-through URL if desired

Production time

  • 2 working days